DOA Director Surprised at Amount of New Applicant for Prugraman Salapi 3

DOA director Edward Birn (file photo)

The Director of the Department of Administration says that he is surprised at the amount of new applicants for Prugraman Salapi 3

In an interview on NewsTalk K57 with Patti Arroyo – DOA Director Ed Burn said that there were over 3000 new applicants for P3.

Burn said that the department is looking into why there were less people applying for the $300 given under prugraman salapi 2 when compared to P3 which will give $500.

The DOA Director says that some of the new applicants under P3 are due to the increase in the home income threshold.

However Burn says that he is sure that there are other reasons for the sudden increase in applicants.

In terms of P3 payout – Burn reassures that they are working on the applications, but are also working to help payout the remainder of Prugraman Salapi 2 applicants.

Director Burn said, “So we’re dealing with those people under 2 who are still submitting documentation, and we’re whittling that down and it’s getting down to a kind of manageable number now. But we’re also dealing with the new applications that we’ve received under Prugraman Salapi 3.”