DOA Recieved Approximately 1400 Applications for 3rd Prugramen Sulappe

DOA director Edward Birn (file photo)

Today Edward Birn gave updates on Prugramen Sulappe


In an interview with Patti Arroyo on NewsTalk K57 this morning, the Director of the Department of Administration answered a few questions the public had about Prugramen Sulappe.

According to Director Edward Birn, the department has received about 1200 online applications and about 200 physical applications.

During the interview, he made it clear that the money for Prugramen Salappe 1 and 2 has been sent out and that if there are any issues or application errors that need to be corrected, people can contact or stop by to sort the issues out.

He added that if you had applied for the previous prugramen sulappe you will not need to apply again to receive the upcoming payment unless a change in salary is in order.

Edward Birn, Department of Administration’s Director stated, “There are some people who did not qualify for the program under the Prugramen Sulappe 2 because of the income limits that we used at that time who will qualify for the higher income limits and we do ask of them to reapply”