DOA reopens customer service windows, counters

Department of Administration (PNC file photo)

The Department of Administration (DOA) has reopened all customer service windows and counters following the Governor’s declaration of PCOR-2, at the ITC Building in

Treasurer of Guam is open on the first floor to receive payments of income taxes, gross
receipts taxes, property taxes, and other taxes and fees.

Human Resources Division is open on the second floor for applications and HR

Division of Accounts Customer Service Window is open on the seventh floor for
questions and other services.

DOA encourages those who have questions to call or email their questions to the relevant divisions on the numbers/addresses listed below:

= Treasurer of Guam, 475-1122/1286,
Maryann. sannicolas@doa.quam.qov

= Human Resources, 475-1288, Carmen.astorga@doa.quam.qov

= Accounting, 475-1217/1202, Loretta.

Those who do come to the ITC Building are asked to wear masks, maintain social
distancing and comply with the posted signs in the ITC Building.