DOAg approved to spay and neuter strays

The pack of stray dogs in Tiyan. (Viewer submitted photo)

The Guam Department of Agriculture (DOAg) has received approval from the Office of the Attorney General (OAG) to begin the spay and neuter program for stray animals.

“I am extremely pleased to report that our MOA [Memorandum of Agreement] has passed through the review of the Attorney General’s Office,” said DOAg Director Chelsa Muña-Brecht today at a meeting for the Island Beautification Task Force (IBTF).

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In October last year, Cyrus Luhr, President of GAIN’s Board of Directors, stated that they would receive approximately $450,000 for new kennels and an island-wide spay and neuter program. He reported, however, that funds had not been received due to a procurement issue that requires a MOA.

Stray animals have been a concern on the island for years. Officials have suggested many possible solutions, such as the deeply controversial culling of stray dogs, which Luhr said is ineffective.

A more effective alternative, said Luhr, is to spay and neuter strays.

Muña-Brecht stated, “We anticipate being able to activate the spay-and-neuter program in the villages on schedule around the second week of February.”

Working with GAIN on the spay-and-neuter program will be veterinarian Dr. Mariana Turner. GAIN is currently in the works of hiring a second veterinarian to spearhead the program. They also report that they have ordered and installed new medical equipment and are prepared for the February start date.

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