DOC Warden Crisostomo And Capt. Lujan Cleared In BBQ Video Investigation, But Task Force Probes Other Issues At DOC


Guam – The Guam Police Department released its findings from the Department of Correction’s barbecue video investigation late Friday afternoon. DOC Acting Director Antone Aguon says DOC Warden Major Francisco Crisostomo and Captain Joesph Lujan were both cleared of any wrong doing and that the barbecue was authorized.


The investigation revealed that Crisostomo had the authority to authorize the barbecue for the inmates and to allow inmates the use of laptops. But the investigation revealed that video recording of the barbecue was not allowed.

Aguon says the recording was not authorized. Unfortunately the Warden was in the video when they were doing the Barbecue thing.  He adds, those inmates are still facing administrative issues on DOC’s side.

Crisostomo was recently assigned to Department of Youth Affairs from the DOC in the wake of the barbecue video controversy, which also led to the dismissal of J.B. Palacios as Director of DOC and his replacement by Aguon

Last Wednesday, Crisostomo filed a complaint with the GPD against Aguon alleging Official Misconduct. In the GPD complaint, case number 10-236245, Crisostomo accuses Aguon of official misconduct.

In our TV interview, Crisostomo wished to remain off camera says his complaint is based on a letter he received and three anonymous phones calls pertaining to the release to the media of the prison barbecue video and how it was made public. Crisostomo says the information he received alleged that Acting Director Lt. Antone Aguon had a copy of the DOC’s barbecue video and that he leaked the controversial video to the media.

According to Crisostomo, “He [Acting Director Aguon] had that video and he also contacted the old housing. And if this is true, there’s a criminal issue here. There’s a criminal violation here.

Aguon points out,  if he had done something wrong, it would have been brought up and contained within GPD’s investigation surrounding around the DOC barbecue video

Accoding to Aguon, “I had nothing to do with the release of the video and I didn’t do anything wrong. Actually during this investigation, a DOC Inmate, Billy Cao Cruz admitted he made the video, made dublipicates and was responsible for circulating it.”

Crisostomo also alleges when Aguon told his brother Michael to clear the computer, his brother Michael tipped off the other inmates to do the same. Crisostomo says it really distrubed me for a Lt. to inform a prisoner.

Aguon would have preferred that Crisostomo left his brother Micheal out of the report because it is a security issue.

He says, “Now he just put my brother’s life in danger. There are proper channels to handle this, That was uncalled for and unprofessional.”

Aguon says when he took over as the acting director, in addition to the GPD barbecue video investigation, the GPD task force is also conducting two more investigations at DOC.

Aguon says GPD decided to go back in and re-interview inmates about a homicide of another prisoner, Arlen Feranco back on May 9th. GPD asked more questions about that case. A GPD Corruption Task Force is also looking into other things.

While these investigations are undergoing, GPD requested that Crisostomo and Lujan be moved from DOC. Aguon says for the time being he decided to move them both to DYA. He says once it is over both Crisostomo and Lujan should be able to return to DOC. This move was made to preserve the integrity of this investigation. For now, Aguon says he was appointed by the governor to be the acting director and he will work with DOC to improve their operation