DOC Director about defendant floodgate

Precautions are being taken at the Department of Corrections after a DOC recruit tested positive for COVID-19.

DOC Director, Robert Camacho, was in an interview with Newstalk K57’s Patti Arroyo where he speaks about working to accommodate a potential floodgate of defendants if they are to remain in custody until their trial.

The previous statement is in response to Attorney General Douglas Moylan’s will to live up to the promises of being the toughest AG’s office in crime, where he intends to keep the defendants behind bars before their trial.

According to Director Camacho, the Department of Corrections currently has 692 prisoners and 12 of those are off-island.

Camacho says, “Can we accommodate more people? You know, it’s just gonna take some creative movements in our operations and making sure we keep the inmates safe.”

The Director says the most important thing to take into account is to maintain security for the inmates and detainees.

DOC has had manpower shortage issues in the past and Camacho said time will tell whether they’ll be able to maintain security with the manpower they have now.

He continues, “Can we maintain the high security with that many detainees and more people coming in? We increased our 14 members now we have 14 altogether so maybe it’ll help keep the security measures tight so I guess time will tell.”

The Director added that right now they have several applications for correction officers and that they are also doing a few things to help plow challenges within the prison walls.

“We did a risk assessment recently with our operations and we’re changing some of our operations, we also did a command structure rebound to maximize our leadership throughout the agency, so we’re looking at all options,” says Camacho.

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