DOC Employees Who Filed Overtime Suit Won’t Work Overtime Anymore


Guam – Department of Administration Director Lou Perez told DOC Director J.B. Palacios Thursday afternoon that she could not process his request for nearly $1 million dollars in overtime for 10 DOC workers because there is not enough money.

Palacios says the meeting focused on how to pay the overtime and not on the lawsuit those employees filed over DOC’s failure to pay it.

Wednesday, Palacios ordered that the 10 DOC workers who filed the lawsuit,  would no longer be scheduled for any more overtime. He said his decision was NOT retaliation.

The DOC Director said he was just following the advice given by the Attorney who filed the lawsuit  on behalf of the DOC employees, Daniel Somerfleck. 

“I’ll try to quote him (Somerfleck),” said Palacios,  ” ‘If management knows that they can’t pay these guys, then they should stop making them work over time.'”

Palacios also claims that at least one of the 10 employees who filed suit against DOC, was himself responsible for scheduling the overtime for the other 9 employees. “Lt. Antone Aguon, is a platoon commander who acts and executes his duties on behalf of management,” said Palacios.

Aguon, said Palacios,  scheduled the other staff members ” to work overtime and continued to do so after 10 pay periods. And then he turns around and says it’s the management that failed to do this?”

“Aguon was management,” said the DOC Director, “he initiated this. We have the time sheets to show it. We have the justification from the other officers stating that they were activated by Lt Aguon.”