DOC employees air grievances

The lack of guards at the facility has been a major issue for the staff at the prison. (PNC file photo)
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The Pacific News Center has obtained a recording of the meeting Governor Lou Leon Guerrero held with employees at the Department of Corrections yesterday.

The governor started the meeting by telling the employees that she received a letter last Friday that she said was very threatening to the safety of DOC officers.

“I want to hear from you because that letter was very threatening. Not to me but to the safety of DOC officers. I get very concerned when I hear safety of our employees So I am very concerned about your safety. So I wanted to get some information straight from you,” the governor said.

The Pacific News Center has agreed not to play the audio of any of the DOC employees who spoke.

However, the most common complaint heard was the lack of staffing. One officer pointed out that at times, 70 inmates are being watched by only one guard.

He said that issue has been brought up time and time again to management, but there has been no resolution.

The governor said safety is a major concern and she has provided funding for more officers.

She listened and responded to the employees’ concerns for about an hour.

DOC Director Samantha Brennan was not present for the meeting.