DOC Employees Gets $250K Of OT Pay


Guam – The Department of Corrections Officers have been waiting nearly a year for their overtime pay, which dates back to February of 2010.


DOC employees were owed over $1.5 million dollars of overtime pay for 16 weeks of service from fiscal year 2010. According to DOC Acting Director Antone Aghuon, the Bureau of Budget and Management Research was able to find money to pay for the overtime that accrued by DOC officers.

He says, ” BBMR was able to find some lapse funds to pay for pay periods from prior years from fiscal year 2010. that was about $250,000 and it was paid out on Monday. That leaves us with 14 more pay periods to go. “

This payment takes care of two pay periods, one from February and another one from March. This comes a week after DOC employees received $400,000 from a State Criminal Alien Assistance Program. This SCAAP grant was worth $600,000 but $400,000 of it was earmarked for overtime pay for three pay periods for this fiscal year.

Aguon says DOC and the Department of Administration are still working on how to pay for last years obligations and hopefully all the overtime pay that is owed can be resolved soon.