DOC Employees Still Waiting For OT Pay


Guam – Its been over a week since the Department of Corrections was promised by the Department of Administration that its employees would get at least three weeks of overtime pay from a State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) Grant that Gov Guam recently received. Those DOC employees are still waiting.

This federal grant is worth $600,000 dollars, but 400,000 of it is earmarked for overtime pay for three pay periods for this fiscal year D.O.C Acting Director Antone Aguon says the money has been processed and cleared by Bureau of Budget and Management Research  and then it was sent over to D.O.A. Aguon says he hoped that the money would be released, but it wasn’t. He says the last he heard, D.O.A is still processing D.O.C’s payment. Meanwhile, Aguon says since the beginning of this fiscal year DOC reduced its over time schedule saving Gov Guam money.

Aguon says, As of our last pay period, ending December 4th, our overtime has gone down from $98,000 from the beginning of this fiscal year to now 55,000 for a two week period. We are currently examining our operations and reassigning our personal as needed .

Aguon says he would like to give credit to DOC Acting Warden Captain Marie Q. Borja and Captain Jesse Tupaz for monitoring and managing D.O.C’s overtime. He says they are maximizing the people they have in order to regulate their overtime and to control the Governments fiances.

Aguon also adds that DEPCOR employees are still owed over $1.5 Million dollars of overtime pay for 16 weeks of service from FY 2010