DOC Employees Still Waiting For OT Pay


Guam – Department of Corrections officers still have not received their overtime pay. Last Friday, DOC Acting Director Antone Aguon was optimistic that the employees would get at least 3 weeks of overtime pay from a SCAAP grant that GOV Guam recently received.

This federal grant is worth $600,000 dollars, but 400,000 of it was earmarked for overtime pay for three pay periods for fiscal year 2011. But as of today, Aguon says they have not received the funds from d-o-a because the agency is still processing the payment.

Aguon says, ““We did call DOA this morning and they are still working on it. I don’t want to give an exact date on when they will release the funds. That’s because I don’t want to give the DOC employees false hope if the checks don’t get released. But the checks should be coming out by this week. I don’t know if its going to be tomorrow or by Friday, but by this week something should be coming out.”

Aguon says when this payment is released it will only take care of 3 weeks for the overtime pay owed for this year. Aguon adds DEPCOR employees are still owed over 1.5 million dollars of overtime pay for 16 weeks of service from fiscal year 2010. Aguon says DOC and DOA are still working on how to pay for last years obligations and hopefully the overtime pay issue can be resolved soon.