DOC inmate dies; investigation launched

Department of Corrections Major Antone F. Aguon admitted that keeping the infection out of DOC will be challenging.

The DOC inmate rushed to Naval Hospital Tuesday night with apparently self-inflicted wounds has died.

Acting DOC warden Major Antone Aguon issued a release today confirming that he passed away Thursday.

He was found by guards shortly after 7 p.m. Tuesday evening in his maximum-security cell at DOC. The inmate has not yet been identified.

Acting prison director Frank Ishizaki told the Pacific News Center yesterday that the inmate’s wounds may have been self-inflicted, but an investigation will have to be conducted to determine the exact cause.

Maj. Aguon said a report has already been filed with the Guam Police Department and the department’s Internal Affairs Section will be investigating the incident.

He said no further information about the death will be released at this time.