DOC inmate Shawn Paul Johnson may enter a global plea


Shawn Paul Johnson was arrested while incarcerated, after officials say they found contraband in his cell during a shakedown.

Guam – One of the inmates involved in the prison contraband conspiracy case may be signing a global plea which would consolidate all of his pending criminal cases into one.

Shawn Paul Johnson appeared in Superior Court today for a 2016 case that involves charges of terrorizing and illegal firearms possession.

But because Johnson has several other pending cases, Judge Vern Perez and both the prosecution and defense discussed Johnson’s legal representation and the potential for conflicts of interest.

Attorney Sam Teker represents Johnson in the 2016 terrorizing case, but Johnson also has other cases from 2016.

Public Defender Stephen Hattori said his office also represents Johnson in the prison contraband case but he noted that his office is working with the Attorney General’s Office on a global plea.

Johnson is due back in court Wednesday at 10 am, along with several other defendants in the prison contraband case.