DOC Internal Affairs Investigation

Former DOC officer Shane Cruz was arrested one year ago for criminal facilitation of delivery of a scheduled two controlled substance and official misconduct.

The department of corrections have received a video depicting an assault on a prisoner who was confined at the Adult Correctional Facility in the village of Mangilao

Viewer discretion is advised as the video is graphic.


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The video shows a man in a white shirt being struck by another larger individual in a DOC holding cell.

According to acting DOC Deputy Director – Robert Camacho – DOC is aware of the video. Moreover, during a routine headcount officers discovered a prisoner with visible injuries that were consistent with an assault

According to DOC’s Major Antone Aguon, in a statement to PNC – the video being shown now is the video that DOC received.

Concerns were raised on whether or not the individual recording the altercation was a DOC correction officer, however, Major Aguon has confirmed that the one filming is not one, but the identity has yet to be revealed.

Moreover, according to the Deputy Director, Correction Officers have identified the assailant and have placed him in Administrative Segregation and is pending further investigation.

DOC is investigating the incident with the Guam Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division.