DOC Investigating Officer Receiving Foot Massage From Inmate & Officers Playing Musical Instruments in Chapel


Guam- The Department of Corrections is currently investigating two recent cases one involving a corrections officer gettting a foot massage and the other involving officers playing instruments in DOC’s chapel. Both of the incidents were recorded. DOC internal affairs officer Jeff Limo says they will get to the bottom of both of these incidents.



DOC internal affairs officer Jeff Limo confirms that DOC is conducting an investigation stemming from two pieces of video footage he received this morning (Thurs). The footage appears to have been recorded on a cellphone or other similar device. The first piece of footage shows a maximum security inmate giving a foot massage to one of the correction officers. The second piece of footage shows several DOC officers playing with band equipment that is meant for inmates who are participating in the chapel’s services. Only DOC personnel are allowed to bring cellphones into the correctional facility however, Limo says that as of today DOC personelle are no longer allowed to bring cellphones into the facility. “Some of the things we’re going to be looking at is when it happened, who’s the culprits involved, who filmed it and who allowed it. Ultimately we took one measure this morning and we sent out an order effective immediately that all cellphones again are prohibited to enter the main facility to include the Hagatna detention facility until my investigation is completed,” said Limo.

Limo says that DOC physicians, shift commanders and the warden himself will be the only people exempt from the cellphone ban. Limo says the investigation will take 60 days to complete. The investigation was just launched this morning and limo has yet to complete his preliminary investigation. At this point no disciplinary actions have been taken against any DOC employees or inmates. “And again its very very dissapointing however we’re going to see that we get to the bottom of this,” said Limo.

The DOC internal investigations officer says that it appears that both incidents took place on the correctional facility in Mangilao including the incident with DOC officers playing instruments.”These band equipment and instruments are placed at the chapel for the inmates and detainees usage,” said Limo. However, Limo says its not yet clear if the officers were on or off duty and whether or not they had permission to use the equipment from their superiors. This will all be a part of limo’s investigation. So why are cellphones being banned when this video footage is now leading to an investigation? “Certainly this video footage was taken by a cellphone and recorded by a cellphone and it was not reported to the proper authorities if for any illegal activity for such matter it should be submitted to the appointed authorities and the appointed authorities will forward it to my office. That wasn’t done,” said Limo.

It’s not yet clear if the person who recored the footage will be facing any disciplinary action, and it’s not yet clear whether or not the DOC officers had permission to use the musical instruments in the chapel, what is clear, generally speaking, is that inmates are not supposed to be giving DOC employees massages. “It’s prohibited. It’s not part of their duties and responsibilities and again they’re going to be held accountable for their actions if we deem it necessary that they have violated some policies and procedures,” said Limo.

Limo says they don’t know who took these pieces of video but the officer who is in the video getting a foot massage has been placed on 20 days administrative leave. These latest incidents come as DOC prepares for a legislative oversight hearing to be held tomorrow afternoon at 2p.m. Meanwhile the Governor’s Office issued a statement saying that they expect DOC to take disciplinary action if the investigation shows wrongdoing in either of the two incidents.

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