DOC: No inmates have been tested for COVID-19; no reported infections

Bill 99-36 proposes to use the 15% that is deposited into the General Fund by the pay-phone provider to ensure that all inmates and detainees can have no-cost telephonic services to contact their attorneys. (PNC file photo)

None of the inmates at the Department of Corrections have been tested for COVID-19 but Guam’s Adult Correctional Facility remains free of any cases of the disease … as of last Friday at least.

Department of Corrections Major Antone Aguon says DOC has asked Public Health to test inmates but he acknowledged that to date that has not yet been done.

“The director has reached out, earlier on, about testing the inmates. However public health has recommended that they don’t really need to be tested at this point. No inmates at this time have been tested for COVID. If someone does show signs, then of course the protocol is to follow whatever public health protocols are in place regarding that. But so far, no prisoners have shown any signs of the disease. No prisoner has shown any symptoms of having COVID-19,” Aguon said.

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Major Aguon, however, emphasized that all incoming inmates or detainees who show signs are being medically assessed.

“We’re very fortunate, unlike other prisons on the mainland that are really struggling with this issue. We’re very fortunate up to this point that the precautions that we implemented early have hopefully paid off. We’re still screening them coming in. The temperature’s still taken. Officers’ temperatures are still taken. Masks are provided to the inmates. The officers are wearing face masks. We do not have visitation at this time. We have limited outside contact with the public. We’re still doing our best to maintain that sterile environment as best we can,” Aguon said.

Guards have also been tested. However, back in April, a recruit tested positive for COVID-19 which led to testing other recruits and some officers.

Maj. Aguon said all of them have since tested negative and are back at work.