DOC looking to ease some COVID restrictions

Department of Corrections is looking to ease some restrictions by next month. (PNC file photo)

As Guam made its way to Pandemic Condition of Readiness 3 last week, the Department of Corrections is also looking to ease some restrictions by next month.

DOC is working to resume family visitations with detainees by mid-April.

A little before a year ago, the adult correctional facility completely locked down in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The department is awaiting supplies such as plexiglass and carpentry wood to begin renovation of the visiting area.

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According to Department of Corrections Spokesperson Major Antone Aguon, DOC will be limiting the number of visitors checking in with detainees to two immediate family members only.

Before the pandemic, seven inmates were allowed, five visitors at a time from one to two hours.

The visitation area isn’t too big which is the reason why DOC will be limiting the number of family members during visitations, according to Aguon.

He says no physical contact will be allowed between detainees and visitors.

“We are still gonna enforce mandatory mask-wearing. Family members, visitors, and detainees will be required to wear their masks and temperatures will be checked. All COVID-19 safety measures will be implemented including sanitization before and after every visit,” Aguon said.

He added that “incoming” events happen once a month. “Incoming” is when family members can drop off snacks and hygiene products.

260 inmates benefited from a week’s worth of incoming for the month of February.