DOC Meets Deadline For Medical Services


The Department of Corrections filed its latest compliance report in District Court.

Guam – With the August 17 deadline now past, the Department of Corrections says for the most part, they have met the requirements set forth in an order by Federal Judge Alex Munson.


In January this year, Judge Munson had given the agency a series of deadlines to meet after years of failing to meet certain prison standards. It’s all a part of a decades old stipulated order.

DOC filed a compliance report today on whether or not they have met the deadline for implementation of the following: oral care, basic mental health services, nurse staffing, nursing assessments, sick call, initial health assessments and seclusion and restraint.

According to their compliance report, DOC has made significant progress and has met the deadline for oral or dental care, mental health services, nurse staffing, nursing assessment, sick call and initial health screenings.

With regard to seclusion and restraint, DOC says because they have been focusing on revamping their medical services, they have not had a chance to review their seclusion and restraint policies. However, DOC says there have been no problems or complaints of improper use of restraints.

You can read the full compliance report by clicking on the file below.