DOC officer charged in federal court released after 5 days in jail


Corrections Officer Edward Crisostomo will not be placed under house arrest.

Guam – The last of the defendants in the contraband conspiracy ring appeared in court today, but this defendant, Corrections Officer Edward Crisostomo, is the only one charged in the federal system. 

This is because the US Attorney’s Office charged him with possession of a firearm by a prohibited person–prohibited because Crisostomo allegedly admitted to federal authorities that he is a regular user of methamphetamine or the drug ice, even if his firearm is his duty weapon.

During his interrogation, federal agents say Crisostomo confessed to smoking ice regularly for the past six years on a weekly basis and was even high on the very day he was arrested before reporting to work a the Department of Corrections.

But despite a confession, his attorney, Federal Public Defender John Gorman says his client is prepared to fight the charges.

“We’ll see how things develop,” he said.

Crisostomo is one of six corrections officers arrested last Thursday as part of an alleged drug and contraband conspiracy ring. The remaining five are Lt. Jeff Limo, who headed the Internal Affairs division, Gerry Hocog, Frankie Rosalin, Fermin Maratita and Jerome San Nicolas who was never confined.

Four others were arrested: Roxanne Hocog, Department of Public Works employee Ronald Meno and inmates Shawn Paul Johnson and Bruno Simmons.

A corrections officer himself, Crisostomo appeared in District Court today in handcuffs, wearing a blue shirt with the letters DOC emblazoned on the back. Sitting directly behind him in the pews was his family.

Gorman sought his client’s release through a motion for detention hearing. No arguments were made as both the prosecution and defense agreed with the proposed bail conditions: a $10,000 unsecured PR bond, no contact with any of the witnesses, surrender his passport and firearms ID and finally, allow ATF to search his home, vehicle and person for controlled substances, firearms or ammunition upon probable cause.

US Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan agreed with the terms and ordered Crisostomo’s release. However no house arrest conditions were imposed as they were for the officers charged in local court.

Like the other five corrections officers, Crisostomo was also placed on paid administrative leave.  His next hearing is scheduled for Sept 14 at 2:30 pm.