DOC Officer Investigated Over Alleged Inappropriate Strip Search


Guam- Department of Corrections (DOC) Director Jose San Agustin has confirmed an investigation was launched into allegations that detainees were forced to perform inappropriate acts by a seasoned corrections officer.

San Agustin says the incident happened two weeks ago at the Hagatna Detention Facility when 2 detainees were strip searched. PNC has learned the complaint was made by a detainee that happened to be another DOC officer’s family member. San Agustin says he thinks what has occurred in the incident is very unprofessional and unacceptable behavior.

“They had them strip. Put their trousers up and then take it back down. Put it back up. Put it back down” said San Agustin. “Those are things that are uncalled for an officer to do. Then it goes a little bit further where the two detainees were told to face each other and compare, which is very inappropriate, very unprofessional and very unacceptable. An officer being a seasoned officer, you don’t expect that.”

San Agustin mentions he couldn’t comment further on any corrective action, pending the results of the investigation.