DOC officers indicted in contraband conspiracy case


A true bill was handed down by a Superior Court grand jury.

Guam – The corrections officers implicated in a contraband scheme at the Department of Corrections have just been indicted by a Superior Court grand jury.

The officers were supposed to appear in court today for a preliminary hearing at 4 pm, but at the last minute, the hearing was canceled as the grand jury handed down a true bill indicting the defendants.

Some of those officers indicted include Internal Affairs Officer Lt. Jeff Limo, Frankie Rosalin, Gerry Hocog and Fermin Maratita.

The four COs are accused of being involved in a conspiracy to smuggle contraband such as drugs, tobacco and other products into prison.

According to Guam Police, an investigation began this past summer and revealed that several corrections officers were involved in the scheme, some of whom even allegedly delivered methamphetamine to prisoners.

All of the corrections officers were placed on administrative leave with the exception of Fermin Maratita who has since resigned from the department. In addition to the corrections officers, two civilians and four inmates were also arrested as part of the case.