DOC Officers Under Investigation


Guam – Department of Corrections internal affairs is investigating a complaint filed against two correction officers.

It is alleged that the officers were working at a private residence while on the clock. Specifically it is alleged that the officers were clearing land with backhoes and other equipment for the warden of the Mangilao correctional facility. The warden has recently lost a family member and it is alleged that the doc officers were helping prepare for the nightly rosaries. “That case right now is being looked into with internal affairs as our procedures dictate that whenever a complaint is made we look into it right now again it’s just an allegation and the ia guys still gathering documents and interviewing staff in regards to that,” explained DOC Spokesman Lt. Antone Aguon.

Aguon says that it’s not uncommon for doc employees to help out when one of them has a death in the family but not on government time.