DOC parole division takes over former GPD Hagåtña precinct

The former GPD Hagatna precinct has now been taken over by the DOC parole division. (PNC file photo)

The Department of Corrections Parole Division is just about done moving into their new home … the old Guam Police Department’s Hagåtña precinct.

The DOC parole division has moved around about 5 to 10 times over the years and now they finally have a place to call home, at least for now, says DOC Major Antone Aguon.

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“Parole is taking a big portion of the building. There’s another portion of the building that will be dedicated to the use of attorney/client. The room also will have the capability to do video teleconference like Zoom this will be in conjunction with the courts,” Aguon said.

The facility has been outfitted with three attorney/client rooms or multipurpose conference rooms for parole hearings and five parole offices.

The new DOC facility also helps to address an issue the department has had with providing adequate attorney/client meeting areas for both local and federal inmates/detainees. This concern was brought up in federal court, but according to Aguon, it wasn’t the driving force.

“It wasn’t specifically for the federals. This is something we have been trying to work out. Our footprint in Agana …  the building is old and we are just working with what we have. So when we got the Agana Precinct and started, attorney/client rooms are something we could add into it and use,” Aguon said.

Aguon says the move will also increase proficiency, making operations tighter.

“Currently, we have the parole division that’s housed over at Paseo. And so, by moving them over to the former police station, you’re now bringing the sections together and the parole is closer to detention. In the event there is a need for assistance, you know, it will also provide an added security to the front of the building there,” Aguon said.

Turning the Hagatna precinct into the paroles division office cost the Department of Corrections roughly only $10,000 as the labor was provided by inmates.

Aguon anticipates the parole division to complete its move by the end of this week.


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