DOC Prisoners, Staff Being Tested for TB After Inmate Tests Positive


The inmate is currently in isolation at the Guam Memorial Hospital.

Guam – The Department of Corrections has confirmed that one inmate has tested positive for active tuberculosis and is now being kept in isolation at the Guam Memorial Hospital.


Deputy Director Carla Borja says the inmate was taken to GMH on May 26 with TB like symptoms and after a number of tests, doctors diagnosed the inmate three days later as having active TB.

Borja says the protocol any time there is an active case of TB within the prison compound is to identify immediately everyone who may have been in contact with the inmate.

In this situation, Borja says they are testing everyone who may have been exposed within the last three months.

“We were looking at all the inmates in the same housing area as this one patient as well as all the staff that were assigned to the housing area. So from the time of confirmation to today, we conducted … 16 screenings,” says Borja and GMH staff nurse Reena Gonzaga.

“Testing was done on Saturday for the 16 housed with the inmate ppd readings being done right now by another staff nurse,” adds Borja.

Borja says an additional 24 inmates from the inmate’s previous housing unit and 9 corrections officers will be tested for TB next. The results are still pending.