DOC raid investigation details emerge; CO charged in federal court

Edward Crisostomo has turned his life around, according to his attorney, John Terlaje, who spoke positively about his client during sentencing.

“Crisostomo stated the last time he smoked methamphetamines was this morning (August 24, 2017) before going to work,” the complaint states.

Guam – One of the corrections officers arrested in the major drug conspiracy raid at the Department of Corrections allegedly confessed to his role and to being a regular user of methamphetamine for the last six years.

Corrections Officer Edward Crisostomo was charged in District Court with possession of a firearm by a prohibited person. The firearm itself is legal and identified as his duty firearm assigned to him. However, court documents note that because Crisostomo admitted to being a drug user even while on the job, it would render the firearm illegal under his possession.

Crisostomo is one of five corrections officers arrested following a raid at the DOC compound early Thursday morning and raids at two residences. The other four officers are Internal Affairs head Lt. Jeff Limo, Frankie Rosalin, Jerome San Nicolas and Gerry Hocog. Three civilians were also arrested: Paul Johnson, Roxanne Hocog and Department of Public Works employee Ron Meno.

The complaint against Crisostomo, filed Thursday in federal court, unveils details about Crisostomo’s involvement. It says the Guam Police Department’s Mandana Drug Task Force began its investigation in July and Crisostomo was identified as one of the suspects.

A search warrant was executed to obtain Crisostomo’s cell phone where investigators allegedly found incriminating text messages.

“Ok Par Im [expletive]!! They testing today,” court papers say one of the messages read, adding another message that said, “You think it will clear me out by Monday morning. Whacking for the past 3 months pretty much every day. What do you think.”

According to ATF investigators, Crisostomo defined “whacking” as slang for “a method of smoking methamphetamines.”

During an interview with federal investigators Thursday, Crisostomo allegedly admitted to being a user of “ice” since 2011 “and since his return to work had been smoking methamphetamines on a weekly basis.” Crisostomo spent nine years with DOC but took a break in 2014. He recently returned to work in March 2017.

“Crisostomo stated the last time he smoked methamphetamines was this morning (August 24, 2017) before going to work,” the complaint states.