DOC releases detainee by mistake

Department of Corrections (PNC file photo)

Guam – Over the weekend a detainee was accidentally released from the Department of Corrections, an honest mistake says DOC Director Tony Lamorena.

The detainee was Ben Espinosa who is confined to the prison in multiple cases and because of the mistake for a brief time he was a free man. According to Lamorena over the weekend the Department of Corrections received an order to release him and so he was released not realizing that Espinosa was being held in other cases.

How did this happen?

Lamorena shares that often times a detainee may have multiple cases and those cases may be under different judges purview. This means that while a defendant can be released on one case they may also be held in another. This was the case for Espinosa. When DOC received the confinement list six cases were listed which matched up with the release order, but a separate confinement order was also received listing two other cases. It wasn’t until a cross check was conducted that DOC caught the mistake.

Lamorena stresses that the offenses against Espinosa are not violent as other media has sensationalized it, stating “we didn’t release a murderer.” Instead he shares that Espinosa is confined on charges related to traffic violations and small claims court violations.

But the mistake was still made and as a result an internal affairs investigation has been launched to look into the incident. Lamorena also adds that Espinosa was picked up without incident over the weekend as well indicating that he was not on the loose for a lengthy period of time.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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