DOC roll call performed once a day–in the morning–unless more is needed


The DOC detainee who was found dead on the morning of Dec. 29, 2017 was dead for at least 8 hours before authorities were contacted.

Guam – Department of Corrections Director Tony Lamorena provided PNC with a little more insight into the procedures corrections officers follow at the prison facility, noting that a standing head count is regularly performed once a day and only additionally performed if the need arises.

Lamorena said the standing head count is usually performed during the morning reveille which is when detainees and inmates get ready for breakfast. A standing head count involves officers conducting roll call where prisoners’ names are called out and matched to a face.

If it’s a normal day, a standing head count will only be performed once.

Then there’s also the head count that’s performed every 30 minutes which does not involve roll call.

“That’s just looking around to see how many heads are present; going around seeing any, all heads are present and then making sure that no one’s missing,” said Lamorena.

PNC: “But not necessarily requiring the inmate or detainee to respond in the affirmative that they’re present?”

“That’s correct.”

As previously noted, the prisoner who was beaten to death on December 29 at Hagatna Lockup was found in the morning but according to Medical Examiner Dr. Aurelio Espinola, the victim, Manson Ernest, had been dead for at least 8 hours before authorities were contacted.