DOC Status Hearing in District Court Today – Barbecue Video & Rats At Hagatna Lockup


Guam – Acting Department of Corrections Director Lt. Antone Aguon is in District Court for the the latest Quarterly Status hearing on the progress being made on satisfying the 1991 Stipulated Order and settlement agreement on improving conditions at the island’s prison.

A supplemental status report from independent monitor Bradley Klemm takes note of the recent prison barbecue video fiasco which led to the dismissal of DOC Director J.B. Palacios and his replacement by DOC Lt. Antone Aguon who is now serving as Acting Director of the Department.

Klemm also points out that the trash collection contract with Pacific Waste for the Hagatna Facility was cancelled for non-payment. And he warns of the potential problem of rat infestation at the Detention Facility because a contract with Pestex has not been renewed either and the last spraying against rat infestation occurred in October.

Prisoners from the Mangilao prison are now collecting the trash at the Hagatna Facility.

Read Klemm’s Supplemental Status Report filed November 24

In his November Status report, Klemm takes note of the progress on Dental and Meddical services for the prison and debt repayment to the Federal Bureau of prisons.

Read Klemm’s Status Report Filed October 26