DOC Suspends Re-Classification of 12 Inmates in Prison BBQ Video Case


Guam – The Departments of Corrections Adjustment Classification Committee (ACC) has concluded its review of the Minimum In Inmates that were active participants in the “Bad Boyz Gone Good” video. (Their names are listed below 1-12)
The Adjustment and Classification Committee “RECLASSIFIED the inmates to MEDIUM (LEVEL 3) SUSPEND to CONTINUE MINIMUM (IN) and were placed on Eighteen (18) months Probationary Status, any negative infractions will result in reclassification to a lower level.  The inmate’s will be review in six (06) months for the 1st Probationary Status Report.  This ACC recommendation was concurred by the Acting Superintendent at the time the hearing was held, Captain Marie Q. Borja  on January 20, 2011

1. Daniel Aldan

2. Jose Taisague

3. Raymond Quidachay

4. Joseph Quidachay

5. A.S. Ichin

6. Oscar Florida

7. John Naputi

8. Francis Isezaki

9. Antonio Aguero

10. Jesse Orallo

11. Mathey Fithingmow

12. Vince Palomo

In regards to the two other inmates involved in the video, Rolly Bautista’s (seen holding the axe) & Billy Cao Cruz (video producer) their case were heard by the ACC on January 12th, and the actions have yet to be approved or disapproved by the Warden.