DOC Wants More Time to Meet Federal Deadlines


The Corrections Department says they are unable to meet tomorrow’s deadline.

Guam – It appears as though the Department of Corrections will not be able to meet some of the deadlines they were given by Federal Judge Alex Munson to meet the requirements of a stipulated order.


DOC is asking for an extension of their deadline, which is supposed to be tomorrow, June 16. In court papers, they are asking for an extension of 30 more days with a new deadline of July 16.

This is for areas such as emergency services, continuity of care, intoxication and withdrawal, receiving screening and chronic care.

In January, Judge Munson gave DOC a timeline to meet certain requirements as part of a stipulated order dating back to some 20 years ago.

The deadlines ranged from 30 days to 9 months for various projects, ranging from establishment of health records, an infection control program, hiring more infirmary staff, and pharmaceutical operations, among others.

The request was signed by both the Attorney General’s Office and the US Attorneys Office.