DOCOMO 5G launches in Tamuning and Hagatna


DOCOMO PACIFIC has announced the commercial launch of its 5G service on Guam.

“5G” is the fifth generation of cellular network technology which features exponentially faster download and upload speeds. With speeds of up to 100 gigabits per second, 5G is set to be as much as 100 times faster than 4G.

DOCOMO PACIFIC is initially rolling out its 5G service to the villages of Tamuning and Hagatna, with more villages to follow.

Roderick Boss, President and CEO of DOCOMO PACIFIC, said 5G is engineered to greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks while delivering much lower latency.

“We have a long history of innovation. So it is only natural for us at DOCOMO PACIFIC to deliver the 5th generation of mobile technology to you first,” he said.

Last March, DOCOMO PACIFIC introduced the island’s first 5G Open Lab, allowing local and
worldwide partners to test and co-create practical solutions in a 5G environment.

Under DOCOMO 5G Open Lab Guam, users can conduct fast, cost-effective testing of new services compatible with 5G technologies and applications.

Users can also discover the transformative capabilities of 5G and co-create solutions not limited to augmented and virtual reality, immersive training, telemedicine, education, and other uses.