DOCOMO Pacific Re-Opens Expanded Micronesia Mall Store


Guam –  DOCOMO PACIFIC re-opened its Micronesia Mall store Friday, October 4.

The reopened store is located on the second floor of the Micronesia Mall facing the Center Court area. DOCOMO PACIFIC had previously occupied the same location but, in late June, had temporarily relocated the facilities to another area of the mall. The temporary relocation was due to the store’s renovation and expansion project as a result of DOCOMO  merge with MCV Broadband in late May. The store expansion was necessary to accommodate the combined service offerings and increased customer base gained with the merger.

Conceptualized by RIM Architects, the new store design focuses on customer service goals. To implement a consistent branding theme, the colors, forms and finishes are directly related to DOCOMO PAClFlC’s main store at Century Plaza which had also been designed by RIM Architects. Function was a top priority beginning with the Main Entry which separates the store’s two main functions – retail sales and customer service. The decorative forms are kept simple to infuse order and cohesiveness to the space while simultaneously imparting boldness. 

Color and textural contrast add subtle excitement and the overall scheme serves as a strong medium for DOCOMO PACFlC’s merchandise and service presentations.

Notable enhancements include:

* Expanded floor space boasting 2.5 times a larger area than the original store layout
* Generous queuing section and waiting areas with comfortable seating
* A significant increase from 4 to 13 service desks
* Easy-to-navigate interactive displays to showcase mobile, internet and television services
* Added display area for merchandising retail products
* One-stop convenience for customers to avail of DOCOMO  complete range of Cable TV, Mobile, Internet and Home Phone offerings

“Our new store demonstrates our goal to achieve total customer satisfaction”, says Vince Mafnas, Director of Retail for DOCOMO PACIFIC. “We want our facilities to accommodate all aspects of customer needs and to also showcase our expanded range of quality services and products as a result of our merger”, Mafnas adds.

To celebrate the Micronesia Mall store reopening, DOCOMO PACIFIC is offering the following exciting promotions during opening day and throughout the weekend.

* PRIZE DRAWINGS -Television and mobile phone prizes for participating customers
* BUNDLE PLANS – Video-on-demand gift coupons, free digital phones, free TV5 services along with free and specially-priced mobile phones when signing up for select new bundle plans
* POSTPAID ACTIVATIONS – Free and specially-priced 46 LTE smartphones to include the launch of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 3
* PREPAID INCENTIVES – Free Smart Pinoy numbers for new subscribers purchasing prepaid cards valued at $20 and higher, free Video-on-Demand coupons when signing up for Smart Pinoy services, and prepaid card discounts with the purchase of select mobile phones
* CLUB RED OFFERS  New and existing members of DOCOMO PAClF|C’s loyalty program will get a 50% discount on all accessories purchased at Micronesia Mall during this weekend.

“It is not enough to only offer the best products and services to our customers”, states Jay Shedd, President & CEO for DOCOMO PACIFIC. “We must also create an aesthetically-pleasing and synergistic environment for our customers to positively interact with our team”, adds Shedd.

The public is invited to visit DOCOMO  exciting new store.

About the former MCV now DOCOMO PACIFIC
MCV Broadband celebrates 20 years of service to Guam during 2013. Over the last seven years, the company has utilized innovative technology to bring the island “real-time” TV, digital cable, reliable home phone service and home security services. MCV Broadband strives to maintain its role as the Internet
pioneer for the islands as the first ISP registered in Guam, providing premium internet since 1993. MCV was also the first to offer High Speed Internet and the first Internet Service Provider to publically offer bandwidth to Guam on a lOGB undersea pipe.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Japan telecommunications giant, NTT DOCOMO, DOCOMO PACIFIC was  originally a merger of Guamcell Communications and HafaTel prior to acquisition in December 2006 by  NTT DOCOMO. This acquisition allowed NTI’ DOCOMO the opportunity to share its world-leading
technology with the region as evidenced by significant investments and upgrades in DOCOMO PACIFIC.