DOCOMO PACIFIC reports first positive case of COVID-19


DOCOMO PACIFIC has reported its first COVID-19 positive case.

“We received the unfortunate news that one of our associates on Guam has tested positive for COVID-19. It has been confirmed that the associate has not been in our DOCOMO PACIFIC Guam properties for about 13 days,” said Nate Taimanglo, Chief People Officer, DOCOMO PACIFIC

Upon receiving the news, swift action was taken in close coordination with DPHSS.

The health and safety of our customers and our associates are our top priority. Our facilities and store locations are constantly sanitized.

Customer -acing team members are equipped with medical-grade PPEs, and we adhere to all social distancing requirements.

We are hopeful that these measures combined with your diligence when visiting our stores mitigate the risk of contamination. Our operations will pause tomorrow (September 07, 2020) to fully sanitize.

(DOCOMO News Release)