DOC’s New Data System Helps Double SCAAP Award


Guam – The Department of Corrections has implemented a new Parole Management Information System. This is the second phase of DOC’s Management Information System (MIS) project, which started in 2006 with the implementation of the Adult Correctional Management Information System (ACMIS).

The project was made possible through funding from the Edward Byrne Memorial Grant and with the assistance for the Governor, the Bureau of Statistics and Planning and DOA Data Personnel. In two weeks, all active parole cases will have been entered into the system, and information can be shared within the Department.

With the implamentation of the Parole Management Information System, the Department is one-step closer to fulfilling a pledge to provide criminal justice information via inter-agency connectivity. In the future, patrol officers will be able to access information in the field that will help them identify whether or not a person is on parole or released from prison.

The benefit of having the two data bases is the immediate ability to generate statistical reports on all the data entered. Based on the data entered for the years 2008 and 2009, this year the DOC was able to get  $600,000 in federal aid. That is twice the amount of funding from the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) grant, when compared to previous years.