Doctor advises getting some sun is good for fighting virus

Dr. Michael Robinson, Guam SDA Clinic Medical Director, said that in general, you want to replace your face mask daily.

It’s day four of the GovGuam shutdown in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Many island residents are homebound as part of efforts to contain the virus from spreading. But as Guam SDA Clinic Medical Director Dr. Michael Robinson shares, staying home doesn’t mean to stay cooped up!

The health and well-being of the people of Guam have become the priority in recent weeks and while Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero has asked island residents to social distance themselves to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, that doesn’t mean restricting yourself or your family to the confines of your home. In fact, Dr. Robinson says it’s important not to shut yourself off from the outdoors.

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“Sunshine is fantastic for fighting viruses so make sure you get out in the sun. Take an hour, spend time get out there, take deep breaths making sure you get a lot of air. When you take deep breaths you actually help with the immune system because the natural killer cells go into the blood system and you are able to fight more viruses, so that’s really important,” Dr. Robinson said.

He points out that the air in your home plays a part in your health. Air re-circulated through an air conditioner can be harmful and even help spread infections to family members.

“Open up your windows and get your kids outside. Use your social distancing rules because that’s really important but get that good air, get that oxygen. Ventilate your house, get the kids outside playing. Those are all good things to stimulate their immune system,” the doctor said.

He added that what you eat and drink can either boost or decrease your body’s immune system.

“Make sure you are getting a good diet. Eat lots of fruits and lots of vegetables. Take good care that you are getting a lot of vitamin C. Avoid sweets candies, ice cream, soda that’s going to decrease their immune system. And water is really important so make sure you get your eight glasses of water a day. Flush your system make sure you’re taking good care of yourself,” Dr. Robinson said.

Social distancing doesn’t mean cutting yourself or your family off from the outdoors. Dr. Robinson stresses that you can still get out and be active, keeping in mind the importance of practicing good hygiene and staying away from large crowds.


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