Dr. Shieh says GovGuam quarantine policy is unfair to Guam residents

Dr. Thomas Shieh (PNC file photo)

A prominent island doctor says GovGuam’s quarantining policy is simply unfair to Guam residents.

Dr. Tom Shieh wrote an open letter to Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero and her advisors, saying that the government is discriminating against residents by forcing them to quarantine but giving tourists from Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan a free pass when the island opens up to tourism.

Shieh says locals spend money on-island also and that whatever quarantine policy applies to tourists should also apply to locals.

He also sent a proposed testing plan for incoming tourists, saying we shouldn’t be letting people in without screening at all.

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“You provide testing as you come on board and as you get off, if you didn’t get tested, get a test! And wait in your hotel room, and if your test is negative, then you go out and you’re free of quarantine,” the doctor said.

He added: “Each arriving passenger should have a notebook that they can track every day where they’ve gone and jot down what you’re doing. And when you leave, turn that notebook in to Customs or Public Health.”

Shieh says he supports reopening Guam and restarting our economy, but that it has to be done in a calculated manner.

He has yet to hear back from the Leon Guerrero administration on his proposals.