Documentary Detailing One of Guam’s Most Harrowing Events Debuts At UOG


The film will debut at the CLASS lecture hall at UOG at 6 p.m.


Photo Credit: Micronesia Publishing

Guam – The Manenggon march and concentration camp is one of Guam’s most harrowing events. An upcoming documentary, which will air at the marc seminary, will retell the story in a 2-hour presentation.





 “It was through the Manenggon Efforts that we commissioned Ms. Rlene Steffy to record the stories of our survivors who suffered the atrocities of World War 2 and were still alive to share their stories,” said Senator Tina Muna-Barnes, a founding member of the Manenggon Memorial Foundation.


The Manenggon Foundation commissioned the film’s director, Rlene Steffy. The two hour documentary retells the stories of the Guamanians who were forced to march to the concentration camp. With almost a decade of work, Steffy compiled interviews and real life accounts of some of the survivors.


“I want to say it probably will be the largest of gathering information and compiling history from those who actually went through World War 2, this is probably the biggest compiling of history of actual survivors of World War 2,” said Muna-Barnes.

The Documentary compiles Steffy’s interviews and presents survivors accounts of the horrific plan to gather all the Chamorro’s on Island in the Manenggon Valley. It was at this valley that those who actually survived the long march were put into concentration camps.  Personal accounts recall the horror of the event where many Chamorro’s died.