Documents Filed In Case to De-Certify Election Results


Guam –  The Gutierrez/Aguon campaign filed Briefs in Supreme Court this morning in the case against the Guam Election Commission that seeks to overturn the results of the November 2, 2010 election.

Read the brief filed on Behalf of Gutierrez/Aguon 

The Guam Election Commission filed a response to the writ of mandamus this morning.

Read the Response Filed on Behalf of the Guam Election Commission

Real parties of interest, Governor-Elect Eddie Calvo and Lt. Governor Elect Ray Tenorio also filed their response in Supreme Court today.

Read the Answer To Petitioners Filed on Behalf of Calvo/Tenorio

The lawsuit filed last week by Gutierrez/Aguon team alleges that all seven members of the Guam election commission board of directors had invalid appointments at the time they certified the election.  A motion to epedite the case was granted last Thursday.  Oral arguments for the case are expected to be heard on Thursday December 30th at 10am.