DOD Lobbied For Guam War Reparations; Speaker Wonpat Says More Should Be Done


Guam – The Department of Defense worked with Congresswoman Madeline Bordallo last year to advocate for war reparations. 

The Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn III sent a letter lobbying Senator Carl Levin and Senator John MCain. In the letter DOD states that they support the WWII Loyalty Recognition Act because it would bring closure to the people of Guam.

Read Lynn’s Letter to Senator’s Levin & McCain

Speaker Judi Wonpat is happy that DOD made at least one attempt at lobbying but she feels they should do much more especially in light of the fact that they plan to station 10 thousand marines and their families on Guam. “It’s good and bad good in the sense that yes I am glad that they were able to send out this letter but the bad part is that it didn’t really warrant a high ranking member of defense to do this like the Secretary. Where is the Secretary of Defense? Where is the Secretary of the Navy? Where is the Commandant of the Marine Corps? Where is the Secretary of the Airforce? Where is the President of the United States? I mean they talk about how strategically important Guam is to all of them for National Security. Where is all these people? Why aren’t they out there then assisting and advocating for Guam?” said Wonpat.

 The Speaker says she believes that the letter is written without any real emphasis on the true importance of War Reparations for the people of Guam.