DOD OEA Report Backs Need for Cultural Repository Public Health Lab and Other Civilian Projects


A report from DOD’s Office of Economic Adjustment lists many of the civilian projects that GovGuam has been asking for as a way to mitigate impacts of the military buildup. 

Guam – DOD’s Office of Economic Adjustment has released a report backing Governor Eddie Calvo’s call for a cultural repository and public health lab.


 The report which was released by Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo’s office addresses the impacts from the realignment of marines from Okinawa to Guam and it makes recommendations for civilian projects that should be funded by the federal government to mitigate these impacts. According to the Congresswoman the projects listed in the EAC report are less than in previous reports but the revised marine relocation plan has reduced in size and will have reduced impacts. However, the Congresswoman says the report does validate what the Governor has identified as key infrastructure impacts and mitigations. Governor Eddie Calvo says the OEA substantiates what he’s been saying all along.

 “The federal government has to make good on their commitments. There’s a lot of inequities that have occurred as a result of us not participating in the democratic process where we don’t got voting councilmen or senators and with that we don’t vote for president so there’s a lot of inequities and such things as medicaid or the compact impact the OEA saw these inequities and what the burden federal government has come upon and is backing us in this particular areas,” said Calvo.


 The Governor and the Congresswoman hope that this report will push the U.S. congress to lift more restrictions on spending for Guam infrastructure in next year’s defense spending bill.