DoDEA teacher donating bags of candy for needy kids this Halloween


A Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) teacher is donating bags with candy and more to kids in need on Halloween

DoDEA teacher Kristina Bertucco went on air with K57’s Patti Arroyo Tuesday morning and says she and her partner started doing donations last year and wanted to do something special for kids in need, especially through organizations that focus on servicing women and children.

After brainstorming, they reached out to Erica’s House, which has been their non-profit of choice for the past two years. Bertucco details what they put in their Halloween goodie bags and their motivation to do this for the island community.

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“So my other half and I have kids that are grown and we live in a community where we don’t get a lot of trick-or-treaters but we wanted to do something for Halloween. It’s really easy to find organizations that want help for Thanksgiving meals and Christmas time with gifts. For Halloween time, there isn’t a lot out there for whatever reason. So the organization we that we reached out to said ‘Yeah, sure great!’ We normally put out a hundred bags and I said we can donate 50,” Bertucco said.

She added: “So we just put together gift bags that have candies in them, obviously in the spirit of the season, and something else for the kids to use. I think last year … I think we did like notepads and things like I don’t remember exactly what. But this year, we’re doing notebook paper and a box of crayons and then a little bag of candies.”

Bertucco hopes that by announcing this, it would inspire others to help the island community, especially kids on this fun holiday.