Speaker Won Pat & DOE Administrators Talk About Tough New Rules to Combat Bullying


Guam – Speaker Judi Won Pat met with Guam DOE Administrators Tuesday afternoon. They talked about strategies to toughen standards of discipline in order to stop bullying and sexual harassment at the island’s public schools.

The Speaker said that “Principals have called me and asked , ‘How come we can’t bring back work detentions?’ This is something we can talk about. We can bring in attorneys if we have to. We can also bring in someone from the court system to see what educational officials can or can not do.”

Finegayan Elementary School Principal Evangeline Iglesias said DOE needs to hold parents accountable for their child’s actions, especially when the parents don’t show up for meetings with schools administrators. Iglesias argued that research has shown that bullying, fighting and the harassment starts in elementary school, and it will continue all the way to High School, unless its stopped early.

Iglesia told Won Pat that the majority of parents are supportive, but there are a handful of those who don’t comply with school rules. She thinks there should be a new policy holding parents accountable for the actions of their children.