VIDEO: DOE Expected to Request More Reserve Funds Thursday


Guam – The Department Of Education is expected to make a request for the release of reserve funds sometime tomorrow.

The funds are needed to help DOE meet operational expenses such as payroll and utility payments through the end of the fiscal year. Superintendent Jon Fernandez told PNC Wednesday that the department is determining the amount of money needed and he plans to make the request tomorrow.

Governor Eddie Calvo ordered all Government agencies to put 15% of their budget into reserve at the start of the fiscal year in an effort to save the government money. The Department Of Administration has already released half of DOE’s $30 Million dollar reserve.  Today Governor’s Spokesperson Phillip Leon Guerrero said the release of any more money could hinder the government’s ability to pay tax refunds.

“We hope that DOE realizes that every dollar they take from this reserve is a dollar they’re taking away from take refunds,” Leon Guerrero told PNC so we’re seriously hoping that the money that they’re requesting for is to fund critical personnel and utility expenses.”

The request follows the Guam Education Board’s vote last week to support the payment of salary increments that have been held since the beginning of the fiscal year.  The Governor yesterday spoke out against the decision calling it an empty promise and asking DOE to apologize to its teachers for making a promise there is no money to fund.