Guam DOE Issues Stop Work Order, Then Cancels It After Governor Signs Emergency Declaration for Custodial Services Only


Guam – The Guam Department of Education Wednesday afternoon issued a stop work order to 4 companies that provide custodial services to the island’s public schools, but then they cancelled it within hours after the Governor signed an emergency declaration to allow payment for the cleaning services to continue.

The companies that received the notices were Advanced Management, BJ’s Quality, Guam Cleaning Masters and JJ Global.

Read the Stop Work Order     

Deputy Superintendent of Finance Taling Taitano said that the services have been performed on a month-to-month emergency basis. But as of Wednesday morning, the Governor had not renewed the Emergency Declaration for September, so the Stop Work order had to be issued.

However, the Emeregncy Declaration was signed late Wednesday afternoon and the Stop Work Order was withdrawn.

Advanced Management CEO, Monte McDowell had told PNC News Wednesday afternoon that when he received the Stop Work Order, he sent 40 of his employees home at the 13 DOE schools where they perform custodial work. 

He said he that he has not decided to lay them off yet, saying he would wait and pray. His prayers were answered.