DOE Seeks More Money from DOA Through Reconciliation


Guam – The Department of Education Financial Supervisory Commission held their monthly meeting Wednesday to consider the reconciliation of payments owed to Guam DOE by the Department of Administration for Fiscal Year 2010.

DOE Deputy of Finance Taling Tiatano told PNC News that DOE  is “hoping to receive any cash owed to pay our vendors. So we are going through a reconciliation process. One of the concerns that I brought up is that DOE still owes DOA for fuel purchases from prior periods.  I’m just concerned on how that is going to be handled because it affects the way the money will be provided to us.”

Tiatano says the 2 agencies are working together to figure out how much DOE is owed.

On another issue, Tiatano also said that the school assessment team from Sodexo has almost completed its review of the island’s schools. The assessment team has been inspecting the islands public schools over the last few weeks.


Tiatano told PNC News that Sodexo is looking at ways to group together similar problems at different schools so that they can be addressed more efficiently and save DOE money.

She expects to go through Sodexo’s recommendations soon and then  meet “with the A&E firm to start planning for our for CIP projects . And working with staff to see what projects we can let out.”