DOE Officials Give Cafeteria Food a Try


PNC spoke to some DOE officials to find out what they think about the food being served to students with the renewal of the food service contract.

Guam – Last week, the Guam Department of Education decided to re-new their food services contract with Sodexo but Sodexo will have some help from the locally owned Global Food Services.



Sodexo will continue to provide food services to about 30,000-plus public school students in 37 out of 41 DOE schools. Sodexo was the previous food services vendor for DOE for the past four years, but DOE’s decision to renew their contract comes with changes such as new menus that will add another entree to its offerings, provide more local flavors, add salad bars at secondary schools, and incorporate more produce from local farmers.

Meanwhile, DOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez enjoyed lunch at the Merizo Martyrs Elementary School yesterday and today we spoke with Guam Education Board Member Maria Guttierez who’s also been touring schools around the island and observing the food students are eating.

Guam Education Board Member Maria Guttierez says, “I was actually looking at the cafeteria food and the schools that I went to it looks like the students are enjoying, but of course they have to get used to the brown rice, wheat bread, but all in all I am happy. I just hope more students eat their full tray, some of them I guess are not adjusted but to all the schools I’m very happy. All the administrators are prepared for school. I ask the parents to please support the school and help the education of their kids. It’s team work.” 

DL Perez Elementary, J.Q. San Miguel Elementary, Ordot-Chalan Pago Elementary and Okkodo High School will continue to be managed directly by GDOE. In addition, six more schools will implement the Community Eligibility Program, which is a federal initiative that allows all students at eligible schools to eat breakfast and lunch at no cost. This will bring the total number of CEP schools to 27.