DOE Health Insurance Rebate Checks Will Be Delivered to Schools TODAY


Guam – DOE  Deputy Superintendent Taling Taitano told PNC News Friday that the health insurance rebate checks will be hand delivered to the schools on Monday.

The rebates are required under President Obama’s Affordable Health Care act which requires health insurers to spend at least 80 to 85% of premiums on providing actual health care and mandates reimbursements to subscribers if they exceed what’s called the Medical Loss Ratio [MLR].

Guam DOE’s share of the roughly $8-million dollar rebate received from Calvo’s Selectcare is about $430-thousand dollars.

Earlier this week DOE officials said that they hoped to have them in the hands of employees by yesterday, Thursday, but ongoing glitches with their new check processing software has caused unexpected delays.

Taitano explained that they first processed the checks in “training module” on their new system, and it worked. But when they tried printing out the checks “live” something went wrong. They had to consult with their off island IT provider and they were finally able to work out the kinks today [Friday].

“We are cutting the checks as we speak,” said Taitano. “They won’t be put in the mail, we will hand deliver them to the schools on Monday,” she said.