DOE Says $100M RFP Insufficient to Fix All Schools


Fernandez hopes that the Department of Public Works and the top bidder Guam Educational Facilities Foundation will complete negotiations next month.

Guam – GDOE Superintendent Jon Fernandez says it’s going to take a lot more than $100-million dollars from the Request for Proposal to fix up the much needed repairs at the schools.

Fernandez is responding to a letter sent to him by Senator Nerissa Underwood, which expressed her concern about the deterioration and dilapidation at George Washington High School, along with the fact that the 14 classrooms were just recently vandalized. Fernandez agrees with Senator Underwood saying that secondary schools are the ones that need the most repairs. In the $100-million dollar RFP, Simon Sanchez High School gets first priority, then DOE will address the needs of the other schools with the remaining amount of money.
However, Fernandez estimates that the Yigo campus alone would cost more than half of that RFP amount, if compared to the construction of Okkodo High, which cost $57 million. “I think the issue, not just GW, but all of our schools that need repairs are resources. We have the $100-million dollars from the RFP, we already know that it won’t address all the needs of all the schools where maintenance was differed…We’re going to need more money down the road so I guess when I sit down with Senator Underwood, we’re going to talk about where we’re at with the RFP, the facilities plan that will give us a sense of what the needs are across the school system, and work together to target resources to make sure those facilities can be addressed,” says Fernandez.