VIDEO: DOE Students Become Crime Stoppers


Guam – Students are learning how to put a stop to crime through the Guam Crime Stoppers Program.

Guam Police Department Crime Stoppers Coordinator Officer Paul Tapao this morning taught students at Astumbo Elementary School how to report crimes anonymously.  More than 200 break-ins have occurred within DOE schools in the past three school years.  Tapao told the kindergarten, first and second grade students that if they know someone committed a crime, the right thing to do is to report it.

“You might actually know the person responsible for committing a crime. He might be actually living near you or around you. He might actually be related to you,” Tapao told the students. “We ask you by doing the right thing you are one being super you’re not being a snitch you’re being super.”

Students learned that tips can be submitted to Guam Crime Stoppers by calling 477-HELP  (4357), sending a text about the crime to 688-STOP, by submiting a form on the Guam Crime Stoppers Web Page or by putting a note in the school’s Crime Stoppers Drop Box.  Tapao is presenting the Crime Stoppers Program to a number of elementary, middle and high schools.