DOE Superintendent Conducts School Site Visits in Preparation for Coming School Year

While most public school students are enjoying their summer break, Department of Education Superintendent Jon Fernandez is conducting school site visits to schools in preparation for the coming school year. 

He says this way, he can see first hand what issues each school has and address them before the start of the school year. Fernandez and his facilities team have already completed site visits to half of the 41 DOE schools. He says overall, they’ve only seen minor issues and these fixes include repairing parts of fences, touching up paint, fixing flooring, and making sure all the lights and air-conditioning are up.
Fernandez says, “As I’ve gone through the school system, I think what’s really remarkable is that through the past couple of years, the issues we typically see at the schools have faded because of all the investments we’ve made through our federal funds, repairing our roofs, addressing our fire alarms, and getting all the air-conditioning installed and working so when I go to the schools now I don’t see roof leaks, I don’t see moldy ceiling tiles, I don’t see broken air-conditioners. What we can focus now then are basic housekeeping and basic repairs that need to be addressed.” 


Fernandez says he and his team will be headed up to the Northern schools in the next few weeks for the last of the site visits.